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A Glendale woman writes to say the City Council shouldn’t consider adding streetcar service when the Beeline bus is cheaper and underused.
The owner of Glendale’s Cornerstone Wellness urges cannabis users to consider safety issues involved with products sold on the black market.
At around 8 p.m. on Sunday, July 20, 1969, my family watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, all five of us huddled around our 19-inch Emerson black and white TV set.
The Associates of Brand Library & Art Center, an organization located in Glendale, is celebrating its 50-year anniversary.
The only way I can see myself flying long distances in the future is if there is a stop in New York for a few days, then continue on to Europe, then reverse the process.
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  1. Three armed robbery suspects tried to hide from Glendale police on Thursday but eventually gave up and turned themselves in after officers began to close in on their location.