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The small Armenian diaspora’s contribution to Singapore’s business and cultural endeavors has been significant, writes Gomez.
With so many issues and so many new and proposed local ordinances and state laws, particularly related to housing, I confess I felt daunted. Homelessness, housing, traffic, community relations, safety, and, of course, the intersection of all of them with education.
The SoCalSports Broadcasters held its 29th annual awards luncheon last week. Glendale resident Lynda Burns is a longtime member, having been asked in 1977 to join the organization by the late Chuck Benedict.
I must have left the car unlocked because there was no sign of forced entry. That explains how he quickly got into my car without breaking a window.
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  1. The Sears store in Glendale, once a mainstay of the city’s downtown, is closing in March after 85 years in operation.
  2. Glendale officials have approved a revised design of the 2-000-square-foot contemporary food court that will abut the Glendale Galleria. The project is expected to open to the public this fall.
  3. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is looking for any additional victims of 42-year-old Sheila Paguirigan Solis, who is accused of stealing approximately $100,000 from a senior citizen she worked for as a caregiver in La Cañada Flintridge
  4. printmakingAfter only three months instruction in mezzotint printmaker’s work is chosen for display at Burbank Creative Arts Center.Mako Lanselle has found her niche in printmaking.