Founded in 1905, the Glendale News-Press is the leading source — in print and online — for news, opinion, entertainment and sports in Glendale, La Crescenta and Montrose.

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John Canalis, Executive Editor, (818) 637-3234
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Carol Cormaci, Managing Editor, (818) 495-4156
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Mark Kellam, City Editor, (818) 637-3238
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Andy Nguyen, Reporter, Public Safety and Courts, (818) 637-3242
Twitter: @Andy_Truc

Lila Seidman, Reporter, Glendale City Hall (818) 637-3242
Twitter: @lila_seidman


Jeff Tully, Sports Editor, (818) 637-3225
Twitter: @JeffTSports

Charles Rich, Sports Reporter, (818) 637-3228
Twitter: @TCNCharlesRich

Vincent Nguyen, Sports Reporter
Twitter: @ReporterVince


Roger Wilson, Photo Editor, (818) 637-3256
Twitter: @photorog1

Raul Roa, Staff Photographer, (818) 637-3256
Twitter: @raulroa

Timothy Berger, Staff Photographer, (818) 637-3247
Twitter: @hippitypix


June Casagrande
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