Local League of Women Voters weighs in on DACA; reader laments shrinking newspaper

Immigration is a national issue with implications for our local communities. The Trump administration recently announced its intention to reverse the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, leaving the fate of 800,000 immigrants in jeopardy. The League of Women Voters of Glendale/Burbank supports DACA and immigration reform that protects, not deports, the 800,000 young people who were brought to the United States as children. Using innocent young people as pawns to advance a legislative agenda is shameful and reinforces the administration’s reputation as a bully.

As a country of immigrants, we are made stronger by our diversity. Reversing the DACA policy undermines the trust and confidence in the fairness of our government institutions. The League of Women Voters is opposed to deportation of non-criminal undocumented immigrants and we urge Congress to pass a clean Dream Act to protect these young immigrants.

Mary L. Dickson

President – League of Women Voters-Glendale/Burbank



Once upon a time the Glendale News-Press was delivered seven days a week, then five, then four, and now it's down to two days a week. The Weekend Edition is a mere four pages, which includes a page of advertising. One by one, columns are eliminated entirely or at least from the print edition. A crossword puzzle runs only on Wednesday.

People subscribe to newspapers because they want to read a print copy, not be referred to a website for a sound bite to be read on a teeny screen. All The Los Angeles Times' local newspaper offices were eliminated and their historic print copies are gone. Where will it end? Sadly, it is only a matter of time before the News-Press will be eliminated in its entirety.

Jo Anne Sadler