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Glendale city manager won’t be missed if he takes a job elsewhere; the agenda of anti-Armenia forces questioned

Re: “Glendale city manager may resign for similar position in another city,” Sept. 26. Farewell Mr. Scott Ochoa! I’m sorry that four years weren’t enough for you to feel the pulse of a wonderful city.

You arrived with a fully trained support staff already in place, yet never realized your full potential. The only thing you fought for with believable conviction was your salary raise.

We won’t miss your endless PowerPoint presentations, always prefaced with “This will only take a few minutes,” then droning on in complicated city-speak. We won’t miss your “if you wills,” and “as it weres,” punctuated with long words that were meant to impress, yet seemed so unauthentic.

Had you for even one moment returned the outpouring of generosity the residents and staff offered you four years ago, you might be missed as you leave for greener pastures. The people who were really running the city during your brief stay can now get back to business. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Peter Rusch



The globalist political agendas cause spectacles by stating Armenia faces the following conditions: “poverty, domestic violence and human rights violations,” while progressive reform policies slyly use degrading terms over Armenia. Where is this agenda coming from?

What we see in the news and read regarding Armenia is ignominious and suspicious. We must not allow our Armenia to be deliberately trampled on by foreign interests. These motives are implemented by greedy corporations who can collapse an entire civilization to fool the world. Lies by fake news are everywhere and imported by foreign-nationals and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO). Beware of fake news and Turkey’s evil intentions. Protect Armenia! We’ll never become an independent autonomous nation if we succumb to false propaganda. NGOs create conflicts by opposing cultural values and imposing their demands on innocent countries, including Armenia.

The Armenians’ core values stress mutual respect for everyone. Historically, Armenians have been granted privileges from world’s governments for contributing to the progress and prosperity of their countries and sharing the value of morality with them.

Armenians, first Christian nation and savior of civilization, survived to create world peace. Armenians are the international icon of resurrection of a nation. Guard and cherish Armenians’ noble cultural values. Avoid the NGO agenda and follow the spirit of Armenia, Noah’s Ark country.

Rachel Melikian,


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