Longtime local restaurant and a new museum draw the interest of readers

Re: "The story behind Raffi's Place, and some of the best koobideh kebabs in Glendale," March 24. Thank you for the informative story about Raffi's Place and its owners, the Bakijanians. I'm sorry that you did not include a photo of them. From 1993 until I retired, moved and became a vegan, I enjoyed their delicious food and warm, welcoming hospitality.

I continue to take visiting friends and relatives to Raffi's for its unhurried, attentive atmosphere and to introduce them to tasty, graciously served Armenian-Persian cuisine. Congratulation Raffi's on your 25th anniversary.


Anne V. Howell



Re: "A museum dedicated to selfies opens in Glendale," April 4. The Museum of Selfies offers motivation for people of all ages to come in and take selfies and have fun. It's not only creating cool photos, but actually learning about art history too.

You can take selfies in front of the historical and popular sceneries, which help you learn about the places and well-known people in history. Also, as news about the museum spreads, when selfies taken there are posted to social media, more people will check out the place. It brings business into the city of Glendale.

With my experience of having young children, I believe that there is an art to take the perfect selfie, from the angle to the focus and above all, the facial expression and perfect smile. The new museum will be a place we can explore, learn and enjoy.

Melina Allahverdi

Westlake Village