Cast and filmmakers recall making 'Lion King' 3-D

's 1994 animated blockbuster


certainly hasn't been an endangered species for the studio. Not with an international gross of $788.2 million. Though it hasn't been out on DVD or VHS since 2004, Disney reports it is the most successful title in home entertainment history. The film has also spawned two straight-to-video sequels and a TV series. And the Broadway musical version has played more than 5,000 performances as of this week and won six


including best musical.

Now the

Simba (

), Mufasa (

) and Scar (

), the laughing hyenas (



) , the shaman monkey Rafiki (

) and the comedic buddies Pumbaa the wart hog (

Ernie Sabella

) and Timon the hyper meerkat (

) are back for a two-week run in theaters in a new 3-D version. (On Oct. 4, Disney will release the 3-D

and regular Blu-ray).

Image: Concept art for 'Lion King.' Credit: Disney