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Mailbag: Thanks to all our safety officers

Re: "Police officer revives 4-year-old swimmer," (May 1): "He who saves a life is as if he has saved the entire world." All of us can be grateful to all the safety personnel who participated in reviving little Nina following a near-drowning.

We owe equal gratitude to all the officers who save lives in less dramatic fashion by preventing accidents in the first place. A DUI or speeding or reckless-driving ticket doesn't make front-page news, but drunk drivers often do, as I was reminded by the story of 6-year-old Osmara Meza, who was killed by a drunk driver in Santa Ana. I hope that every time our police officers read of such a tragic death they remember that they too are "front-page" lifesavers.

Whether it's accident-prevention, response to violence or domestic abuse, or drug or gang intervention, our safety officers save lives by prevention. In the same way, our firemen prevent potential deaths every time they answer a fire or paramedic call.

Thank you to all of our safety officers.

Tamar Goldmann

Costa Mesa


Prom draft no big whoop

Re: "CdM officials investigate alleged 'prom draft'," (May 7): Sounds like drama is being cranked up over nothing. Every day we flip a coin to see which guys and girls will be partners in beach volleyball at Big Corona Beach. Just fun among friends.

Al Wonders

Newport Beach


There are too many documentaries

At 43 years old, I have narrowed my pet peeves down to a humble few. One of those peeves is reality shows, as it is for most people; confounded, as most are, because if my next door neighbors were so interesting, I would be next door.

Lately, the film industry (mostly independent) has become flooded by documentaries about any old thing – "Finding Vivian Maier" and "Satan Came to Eden" are examples. Now, I'm not repudiating these works, or their content. My concern is that with enough old 8 mm footage, a voice-over and a college-level script, anything could end up on the screen — and if the thinking of the thinkers degenerates, we all go down together!

Ralph Freda

Newport Beach

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