From the Boathouse: Kicking off summer on the East Coast

Ahoy from the Big Apple, and welcome to the official start of summer!

I am visiting New York City to attend Talkers New York 2014, which is a gathering for those active in the radio industry. Receptions, guest speakers and panel discussions are planned at the India House Club, located in the Financial District. The timing is perfect, because Saturday is not only the first day of summer. It is also my birthday.

One of the most difficult choices will be where to have my birthday dinner, but I am sure my show manager has a surprise. Additionally, when in Manhattan, one has to visit Times Square, but sad to say that Central Park may be off the itinerary, since the weather is too New York warm for a stroll through the grounds.

On the West Coast, the San Diego International Boat Show is happening at the Sheraton on Harbor Island. The show, produced by the National Marine Manufacturers Assn., will feature almost 150 boats, vendor booths and seminars.

Additionally, Discover Boating will offer one- to three-hour on-water sailing clinics taught by professional American Sailing Assn. skippers. If you want to go under the sea, then jump in the "Be a Diver Pool" and try scuba diving with the assistance of dive professionals.

The San Diego International Boat Show is a great day trip for the whole family. See details at The show concludes at 6 p.m. Sunday, so do not miss out on the first show of summer.

Tip of the week is that you have only next weekend to prepare your boat for the American Legion Yacht Club's annual Fourth of July Old Glory Boat Parade. This year's theme is "Freedom Calling," and everyone watching from a boat or from shore should enjoy the creatively decorated boats, led by the Orange County Sheriff's Department fireboat, parading through the harbor. You can sign up at or call the American Legion at (949) 673-5070.

After the boat parade, boaters, including visitors from the neighboring harbors, can watch the Newport Dunes' fireworks extravaganza at 9 p.m. Visiting boaters can drop their hooks in the anchorage area located in the large turning basin to watch the show and spend the night. Local boaters can get a great view either in the Back Bay if their boats fit under the Pacific Coast Highway bridge or in their vessels while underway, not making way between the anchorage and the bridge.

What will be the weather conditions along the coast this weekend as I swelter in the New York heat? The daytime air temperatures will be comfortable in the low 70s and much hotter inland. The nighttime temperatures will dip only 10 degrees to the low 60s.

The June gloom will continue in the mornings and burn off by early afternoon. However, these are good conditions for patchy fog to creep in during the early morning hours. Early morning boaters and those heading out to drop a hook need to heed my warning.

The swells will be a mixed set with a 3-foot west swell and only a 2-foot south swell. This will create a slight washing-machine effect, so watch your guests for anyone starting to turn green.

The afternoon winds will be light, reaching 10 knots and creating 1- to 2-foot wind waves. I am predicting variable southerly winds in the morning and more from the west in the afternoons.

Boaters rounding Point Conception will find small-craft advisories. Winds gusting to 25 to 30 knots and kicking up 5-foot wind waves are expected. Seas will be up to 6 feet from the west, and a 2-foot south will push up into the mix.

Skippers planning to try to round the point uphill (northbound) should think twice, maybe thrice, before casting off the docklines this weekend. Those planning to head downhill (southbound) need to know their ability and their boat's capability before passing Morro Bay.

As always, please be boat smart and boat safe. Lastly, please boat responsibly and look behind you before you turn the wheel at the helm.

Tune in to the No. 1 boating radio talk show in the nation, "Boathouse Radio Show," broadcasting live coast-to-coast on syndicated network. See times at, and

Safe voyages!

MIKE WHITEHEAD is a boating columnist for the Daily Pilot. Send marine-related thoughts and story suggestions to or go to

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