Lost wallet made for a lousy Christmas

To whoever found my small, black wallet in the parking lot or in the Taylor Steakhouse in La Cañada, let me say that you could have saved my Christmas by making an effort of finding the wallet's owner.

I have no idea where I dropped it, but I hoped an honest person would find it, with its fairly substantial amount and personally meaningful articles.

I recently found a credit card in a parking lot. I took it to the bank that had issued it. It cost me $3 to park to return the card.

What has happened to our country? People's feelings are of no account. If something belongs to somebody else, it doesn't matter. People seem to think that if they can keep it undetected, they should. It doesn't matter if the person who lost it is young or old. I am 89!

If the person who kept my wallet had a great Christmas, I'd like them to know the owner of the wallet went without. Someday they too will be old and in need.

Francis Adams

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