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Parents, teachers, students rally for Prop. 38

Glendale parents and teachers rallied Wednesday afternoon in Verdugo Park to support Proposition 38, which promises billions of dollars for early education and K-12 schools.

Campaign organizers say Glendale schools could gain $25 million in 2013-14 if the initiative passes.

The November tax initiative — sponsored by civil rights attorney Molly Munger — would be paid for with increased income taxes.

Critics who oppose Prop. 38 complain that it would not provide funds to cash-strapped community colleges.

Glendale Community College trustees have said they favor the rival Proposition 30, which would provide enough money to allow colleges and K-12 schools to abandon plans to cut millions of dollars from their budgets midyear.

Glendale school officials have also voiced their support for Prop. 30.

If both propositions win a simple majority, the one with more votes will win.

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