DMV to issue classic license plates

The Department of Motor Vehicles will soon begin issuing nostalgic black license plates with yellow lettering as part of a piece of legislation that was signed into law in 2012.

The department will also soon begin sending yellow license plates with black lettering back to the presses as part of the California Legacy License Plate Program, which was part of legislation introduced by Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Silver Lake).

Both designs reached the threshold of 7,500 paid applications for the department to being issuing them.

Blue plates with yellow lettering, which were also proposed in the program have not yet reached the 7,500 mark.

“California motorists are excited about classic license plates,” Gatto said in a statement. “Aside from not salting our roads, California doesn’t often do much for automobile enthusiasts. This is an easy way for the state to enable everyone from the backyard restorer, to the nostalgic, to the purchaser of a retro-styled automobile to add that extra bit of detail for those of us who appreciate the classic era of automobile design.”

For an application for the classic plates, visit the Department of Motor Vehicles’ website,


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