Glendale man arrested on suspicion of residential burglary at Sandra Bullock's home

The man arrested Sunday at the West Los Angeles house of actress Sandra Bullock has been booked on residential burglary.

The man was identified by police as Joshua James Corbett, 39, of Glendale, the Los Angeles Times reports.

He was arrested at 6:45 a.m., shortly after police were dispatched to the residence, according to Nuria Vanegas of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police originally described him as a "hot prowler suspect."

But after further investigation, he was booked on burglary at 11 a.m. Vanegas said she did not know if he had actually broken into the home and stolen anything or was in the process of doing so.

Corbett is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail, according to the inmate information website of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

-- Alan Zarembo, Los Angeles Times


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