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Glendale Community College sees summer enrollment boost

More than 850 students have enrolled in Glendale Community College's summer session, the largest the college has had in two years.

As of early June, 886 full-time equivalent students, which includes full-time students as well as a combined average of part-time ones, had signed up to take more than 300 classes.

In 2012, 819 students enrolled, while just 559 did last year.

College officials have expressed concern over the student enrollment growth on campus all year, estimating an overall 1.2% decline for 2013-14. Officials say that trend can be seen statewide.

"As we know, it's not just our college," said Glendale Community College trustee Ann Ransford.

At a recent GCC trustees meeting, her colleagues wondered how to increase enrollment.

"The answer was…what we should be doing is looking for our current students to take more classes. Just like business, your best customers are your continual customers," she said.

In Glendale, officials hope 600 more students will enroll in 2014-15, bringing the college about $1.2 million in revenue.


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