GCC officials hopeful over state assistance

Glendale Community College officials are increasingly hopeful that state officials will give them money to cover the funds spent on unforeseen costs that have added up since breaking ground last year on a new lab and classroom building.

College officials announced this week that the California Community College Chancellor's Office supports giving the college about $1.2 million to help make up for what the college spent on construction hurdles.

In April, school officials asked state officials if they would give the college more than $1 million in contingency funds.

After crews broke ground on the building last fall, a series of problems arose when crews unexpectedly hit ground water, discovered an old drainage system and dealt with unstable soil because of bedrock located farther below the surface than expected.

College officials originally set aside about $2.1 million in contingency funds, but found themselves spending that money more quickly than expected and there is still a year of construction remaining.

"Hopefully by the August board meeting, we'll have some type of resolution on what we may be getting back," said Ron Nakasone, executive vice president of administrative services for the college.

The state's help in paying for those costs would save the college from spending additional Measure G funds that help the school make improvements to its classrooms, electrical infrastructure and plumbing.

The cost of the new lab/college services building comes to nearly $40 million, with the majority — $33.5 million — already paid for by the state. The college will also allot $5.4 million of its Measure G funds — a bond local voters passed in 2002.

Crews are currently pouring the school's foundation. When the three-story, 90,000-square-foot building is completed, which is expected to be in November 2015, it will be the largest structure on campus.

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