Glendale company featured in White House report

A 56-year-old Glendale company was featured in a White House report recently as an example of how layoffs were averted when the business withstood a significant sales drop and considered letting go of 10 employees.

Since 1958, Accurate Dial & Nameplate Inc. has served the aerospace industry by manufacturing labels for aircraft, including warning sign decals or switches on interior cockpit panels.

It also produces nameplates for military and passenger planes, indicating who made the aircraft and listing its serial number, among other things.

"Our products are on airplanes worldwide," said Erin Dyer, vice president of Accurate Dial & Nameplate.

In 2010, the company considered eliminating 10 positions after 25% of its sales declined, according to the White House report, titled "Ready to Work: Job-Driven Training and American Opportunity," released in July.

The key to the company's future success was to secure new certification to keep it competitive in the aerospace industry.

After the Verdugo Workforce Investment Board hired California Manufacturing Technology Consulting to assist the company in attaining the new certification, the company avoided the job cuts.

"If we didn't get the certification, they were going to start taking work away from us," Dyer said of her clients.

But the certification allowed the company to retain its employees, and it has since secured new contracts.

"The economy's still affecting us, but we've always found ways to keep going forward," she added.

The 76-page report was released last month to provide a review of job-training programs across the country.

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