GUSD reports boost in enrollment

Glendale school officials this week reported an overall enrollment boost this year, an indicator that the school district is moving away from recent trends of slight declines the past few years.

There are 26,127 students in Glendale Unified this year, up by 148 students compared to last school year, said Kelly King, assistant superintendent of Glendale Unified.

Educators were also pleased to see a 247-student increase across the elementary level through the sixth grade.

The upward trend marks the second consecutive year that Glendale Unified has seen greater attendance in the primary grades.

Among the middle schools and high schools, however, district officials reported a decline of 360 students.

"The bubble with the decline looks to be at eighth grade, ninth grade and 10th grade," King said.

But if the growing trend continues in the elementary grades, the district should maintain its current enrollment the next few years, she added.


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