City of Glendale issues open call for public art projects

Glendale is looking to spruce up well-known areas with original works by area artists starting this fall.

Called "You Are Here," the exhibit will showcase eight temporary public art pieces around Glendale from Nov. 1 to December 2015. The initiative is a partnership between the city's Arts and Culture Commission and ART from the Ashes Productions, a nonprofit that transforms remnants left by wildfires into art.

The project is a first for the organization, which came up with the idea, and the city.

The call for art is open to artists and art teams not just based in Glendale, but across Southern California. Entries must be submitted by midnight on Sept. 8.

"We really hope to enhance and foster Glendale as an art destination," said Joy Feuer, executive director and an artist for ART from the Ashes. "This is really a positive about Glendale's continued commitment to the arts."

The exhibit falls under the city's Arts and Cultural Plan, a five-year vision to mold Glendale as an important regional area of arts and cultural life. Location ideas to install the chosen art include around city hall, the Metrolink station on Cerritos Avenue and the Glendale City Center on West Broadway.

The art will be placed in an area of the city best representing the piece's theme, hence the exhibit's name.

The program is seeking a wide spectrum of art, from pieces with environmental tones to those incorporating light or projections. Submissions can be existing pieces or new proposals for work.

Each selected piece will be awarded a budget ranging from $500 to $5,000 to help cover costs that include installation, materials, transport, electronic and technology needs.

"I hope the creative encounters we put around town will make visitors talk, (and cause) residents to reroute their walks," Feuer said. "Any time art can prompt action or conversation, we'll be really happy."

To submit an art project, visit art, For more information about the exhibit, email

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