Montrose car show brings out classic lovers

Strolling through Montrose Sunday was like cruising into the past as nearly 200 cars from the heyday of pure American muscle to a few vehicular curiosities were on display for the neighborhood's 13th annual classic car show.

Parked on both sides of the street were restored and well-kept rides like the elegant 1931 Ford Deluxe Tudor sedan, while a polished red 1968 Chevy Camaro sat nearby.

And behind each car sat proud owners like La Cañada local Tony Croupe, who's spent the last quarter century maintaining his silver 1969 Chevy Stingray Corvette.

He's been a regular at the Montrose event for the past five years and regularly attends other Southland car shows with his twin brother.

"Everybody gets together and they get to see old friends and that's what it comes down to," Croupe said, adding: "It's a nice way to meet people and to talk about cars."

He adds while it's nice to mingle with other gear heads, it's also fun to meet younger car enthusiasts and to clue them in on the classics.

"They don't make it like this anymore," Croupe said, referring to his Corvette that he drives about once or twice a month. "You don't get the sound and speed like this anymore."

Less than a block away and nestled in between several exposed V8 engines was Montrose native Tom King, who has a big passion for Austin Minis, especially his own Mini woody station wagon from 1973.

"They're small, they get good gas mileage and they handle really well," he said. "But the regulations nowadays wouldn't allow it, things have changed and they stopped being imported in 1968."

It's also the fifth year participating in the car show for King, who plans on coming back with his cherished ride.

"I think it stands out, it's definitely a showstopper," he said. "Everybody loves it, it's cute."

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