Overheard phone call leads to arrest of suspect

An overheard phone call made by a man booked by Glendale police for allegedly violating a restraining order led to the arrest of another man suspected of trying to sell illegal drugs and weapons, authorities said.

Police were investigating Francis Mauleon, 33, on suspicion of violating a restraining order placed on him by his 26-year-old wife on May 1, Lightfoot said.

Mauleon was found by authorities at his residence in the 4000 block of Verdugo Road in Los Angeles with his wife, she said.

He was arrested for the restraining-order violation along with another male, James Rosales, for an outstanding warrant in Nevada.

While in custody, Mauleon was overheard making a phone call to Ray Eliazarh Arjona and allegedly told him to sell the “40” and “M’s” that were stored in Mauleon’s garage, Lightfoot said.

A search warrant was executed on Monday and police found four guns in the garage, including one assault rifle which is illegal to own in California, according to police.

A bag containing 165 pills — some of which appeared to be ecstasy — were also found, Lightfoot said.

Arjona was arrested on suspicion of illegal drug and weapons sales, while additional charges were expected to be filed against Mauleon, Lightfoot said.

Last August, Mauleon was arrested on an assault-with-deadly-weapon charge for allegedly pointing a gun at his wife at Motel Sakura, 1500 E. Colorado Blvd.

Arjona is being held on $110,000 bail, while Mauleon is being held on $170,000 bail.


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