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10 Healthier Ways to Cook

10 Healthier Ways to Cook

Cooking healthy is not just about what you cook, it’s also about how you cook. The amount of nutrients you get from your meal largely depends on how you cook it because even the most nutritious foods can be ruined by the wrong cooking technique. Let's look at ten ways you can cook healthy:

Don’t Deep Fry, Air Fry

Deep frying foods has never been healthy, especially if you do that on a daily basis. Foods that suck up too much oil can cause diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. So, instead of deep-frying, try air frying instead. Air fryers are healthier because they don’t need oil to give your foods that same crisp taste and they don’t leave your kitchen as hot as an oven would.

Cut Down on Salt

The maximum amount of sodium you should have per day is 2,300 milligrams, and a teaspoon of salt contains that. To cut down on salt, avoid foods that contain sodium during the day if you’ll be taking a meal that contains enough of it later in the evening. Also, take your salt shaker off your table; it’ll eliminate the need to use it when the urge arises.

Get an Electric Griddle

An electric griddle translates to less greasy food. Greasy foods are high in calories and low in vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Many people know this, yet find it hard to avoid them because they are delicious. However, you can reduce the grease by cooking with an electric griddle. Electric griddles come with a non-stick surface, effectively reducing the amount of grease you’d use when cooking.

Use Quality Ingredients

This is a key part of cooking healthy. Even if you have the heathiest cooking equipment, you won’t have the healthiest meal if you are using the wrong ingredients. High-quality ingredients don’t just translate to cooking healthy, they have a big impact on the taste of the food too. When you can, use fresh ingredients. Avoid ingredients that have stayed out too long or are processed. They’ll ruin your cooking.

Get Rid of the Old Grill

Grills are special; they hold sentimental value and they represent more than just grilling. However, grilling regularly can open your body up to health problems like cancer, and the excessive smoke from charcoal grills causes air pollution. To cook healthy, grill less, and when you have to grill, do it with an indoor electric grill. They are healthier and safer than other grills.

Spice up the Menu

So, you have a favorite food, who doesn’t? But cooking it repeatedly will make you sick of it, literally. Eating the same meals every day will limit your nutrient intake. If you are stuck on what kinds of meals to prepare, you can create a timetable to plan your meals. This will help you make better decisions and it will create a varied and healthy.

Don’t Overcook Your Vegetables

Overcooking your vegetables robs them of their nutrient and vitamins. So, instead of boiling or cooking, steam them. You can do this with a food steamer. Food steamers are a healthier option than ovens or cookers. They lock in the flavors of the vegetables or fruits as they steam them. They're versatile, too - they can also prepare foods like pasta, grains, pudding, meat, eggs beef, and fish.

Rotisserie Over Roast

Good air fryers come with rotisserie equipment, which is perfect if you love chicken. Rotisserie chicken comes with a healthy amount of protein and nutrients and it’s always better homemade than store-bought. To enjoy your chicken the healthy way, it’s always better to go rotisserie. These fryers are great because they can be ready in just a few minutes and can be a shortcut to meals that involve chicken.

Order less, Cook More

Ordering out can become addictive, especially if you have no time to cook. It’s also the fastest way to get addicted to junk foods. Cooking at home makes you more aware of what you are eating. It helps you plan your meals and cut down on a toxic diet of processed foods, saturated fats, and other unhealthy additives. Cooking at home is really the healthiest choice you can make for yourself and your family.

Use a Timer

Everyone thinks their “body clocks” will time the meal perfectly, right until the smoke alarm goes off. The best way to ensure that your foods are not over or undercooked is to get a timer. It will keep you aware and keep your meals unburnt.

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