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10 Ways to Achieve the Best Basement Entertainment

10 Ways to Achieve the Best Basement Entertainment

Once upon a time, basements used to be seen as dark and dingy underground spaces. Today, there’s so much more to basements than a safe place to shelter from dangerous weather or storage space for wine, water, and food. Here are 10 ways to vamp up and build the best basement.

Ping Pong Table

There is nothing like a good old game of ping pong. Acquiring a ping pong table is vital in building the best basement as it serves an aesthetic purpose and can also be used for recreational purposes to hone one’s ping pong skills. When choosing a ping pong table, look out for the playing surface, the thickness of the table, and the material it is made from (wooden surfaces are more suitable for indoor use). Also, one should pick a table that folds up easily for easy storage and has a bounce-back surface for solo play.

Ping Pong Paddle

Having a ping pong table is futile without the presence of a ping pong paddle. A ping pong paddle is used to hit the ball. Ping pong paddles come in pre-assembled forms or individual pieces depending on one’s preference and skill (beginners tend to go for the pre-assembled type). Different materials are utilised to produce the ping pong paddle, which affects its durability and usability. Thus, careful considerations should be made before choosing the right ping pong paddle for one’s basement.

Playing Cards

Whether you’re trying to build a man cave or a chill-out spot for relaxation or game nights, playing cards are essential in making the best basement. The uses of playing cards are numerous; decorative purposes, gambling, magic tricks, cardistry (juggling), solitaire games, fortune-telling, etc.

Foosball Table

A foosball table is a great addition to any basement. The foosball table is an excellent way to have fun with friends and family, thanks to its multiplayer modes. Depending on one’s needs and budget, foosball tables come in different sizes and dimensions and construction materials and designs. In addition, the safety features of foosball tables are a bonus.

Table Hockey

If you love hockey, then a table hockey game is a must-have in your basement. With a two-player feature, the table hockey games come with accessories that ensure lots of fun. One is presented with a wide range to choose from as the tables are diverse in playing surfaces and cabinets, with playing rods made of durable materials, depending on the brand. Also, some models come with lights and sound to bring about a fun user experience.

Air Hockey

This is a fun hockey game that is well suited for indoor use. One must acquire an air hockey table, a puck, and two paddles in building the best basement. When buying an air hockey game, one must consider the following details; the size of the table, the size and type of pucks, the method of scoring (digital or manual), and the type of paddles.


Purchasing the fitting dart kit goes a long way in harnessing one’s aiming and precision skills. Darts come in different weights, lengths, shapes, grip textures, and materials. Choosing the best darts for you is solely based on your preference and budget. Darts may come with pointy edges, so don’t forget to purchase a dart case alongside.

Darts Board

Before gracing your basement wall with a dart board, there are certain factors to mull over. First, do you want a traditional or an electronic darts board? One should also consider the depth and density of the board. You can also evaluate the quality of the board by checking the wire and board color or ink.

Chess Set

Like all the other items aforementioned, a chess set is a perfect tool for building the best basement. Buying the best quality chess set you can afford is very much a priority as it will directly determine how long the chess set will last.

Pool Table

The pool table is a significant investment and a beautiful way to build the best basement. Consider the following features when choosing the perfect pool table; the slate, the legs, the cloth, playing equipment, the rail, and the frame. Also, it goes without saying - make sure you have enough space in your basement to give everyone ample room to move when playing a game of billiards.

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