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  • Some neighborhoods aren’t safe enough to allow your cat to roam freely, yet the idea of locking them inside all day and night can feel equally unloving. Many cats have too much energy and natural curiosity to enjoy an indoor only lifestyle. However, it is possible you can help them feel content about their time stuck peering at the great outdoors from behind a window by taking them for walks periodically on a harness. A suggestion like this might have seemed outlandish a few years ago, but thanks to Jackson Galaxy, host of the Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell, the practice is becoming much more common. There are many online sources to learn how to train your cat - most notably, Jackson Galaxy's or the ASPCA website - but before you can begin you will need a good harness. Look for one that has a leash attachment near the center of your feline’s back (not around their neck), is easy to adjust to a snug fit, and is made of soft yet sturdy material that won’t irritate the skin or fur. The best harnesses in 2022 meet all three style requirements in addition to being easy to wash, made locally, and affordably priced.
    January 24, 2014
  • When you adore your furry canine companion, you will no doubt want to express your love by doling out treats during training, to reward good behavior or just because. There are thousands of treats on the market, but when you want your treat to not only taste delicious, but also pack a nutritious punch, the following are your best options. Our best dog treat list in 2022 is comprised of treats that are made with top notch ingredients from trusted brands and different textures to appeal to any dog's palate and nutritional needs.
    January 17, 2014
  • When you decide to kennel train your dog, wire crates are a great option for dogs who like to see their surroundings, for proper ventilation and for easy folding for travel and storage. There are several options for crates including multiple doors, size options, and materials. This best dog crates list in 2022 was comprised of trusted brands, diverse styles and positive ratings to make choosing the best kennel for your dog easy while providing your pup with a safe new place to call home.
    January 17, 2014
  • When your dog barks unnecessarily and incessantly it is not only annoying to you and your neighbors, but can also lead to fines. This undesirable habit can be unlearned, but it takes diligence and consistency. There are several options for bark deterrent collars on the market, with different levels of effectiveness including electronic stimulation (“shock”), citronella spray and ultrasonic. The best bark collars in 2022 on the following list were chosen because they are the most effective and safe options of citronella and electronic stimulation collars. Ultrasonic, though an option have not been rated well as a bark deterrent and were not included on the list. Bark collars are only effective and safe when used properly, so no matter which one you choose, follow the instructions carefully.
    January 16, 2014
  • Whether your cat has short or long hair, they can benefit from regular brushing. A good comb or brush will remove dirt, grease, and dead skin cells which feline grooming cannot reach in addition to simulating blood circulation and reducing the possibility of hairballs. As cats age, they aren't able to clean themselves as well as they once did and need your assistance. Introducing them to the regimen at a young age can make it easier to assist them with their grooming habits later on. Long haired cats can develop matted hair and other issues easily if not brushed regularly. Choosing the right brush and starting the habit while your cat is still a kitten will make the act a bonding experience akin to a mother brushing her child's hair. The best cat brushes in 2022 on this list were chosen because they feel soft on your pet's skin yet be strong enough to remove dead hair and dirt from the undercoat.
    December 30, 2014
  • There are a variety of ways fleas can infest your dogs, especially during the peak flea and tick season of every year (spring to early autumn). Even though you want to keep your canine free of parasites, you also don’t want to strap s omething on them that could be harmful or unhealthy. Furthermore, you want to avoid introducing fleas and ticks into your home. The following list of the best dog flea collars in 2022 is based on reviews posted online from customers who have used these products, the effectiveness of the collars, and the active ingredients.
    November 22, 2013
  • Whether or not your cat is indoor only, you should provide it with a clean, private place to use the restroom (many neighbors don't appreciate felines fertilizing their yards haphazardly). Some cats feel claustrophobic in enclosed litter boxes and demand an open air experience. Some cats are frightened by mechanical noises and won't use self-cleaning litter boxes. Whatever receptacle you choose should value the feline's preferences primarily. Appearance, ability to contain odors, and price are meaningless if the cat refuses to use the box. The best litter boxes in 2021 are made of high quality plastic that won't easily absorb the odor of its contents. They are easy to clean, affordable, and provide ample space for cats to 'do their business'. The litter boxes on this list were chosen based on design, aesthetics, and price.
    November 06, 2013
  • Choosing the right cat litter for your feline can be difficult. The brands which are the cheapest, most readily available, and effective at often utilize chemicals to do so. The natural products are often more expensive and have a natural grainy aroma despite their effectiveness for trapping the even more offensive scents left behind by regular feline use. Furthermore, nearly all types of cat litter pose some risk for disease. The feline's normal grooming habits make it susceptible to ingesting the dust or particles. Many inexpensive store bought brands contain non-biodegradable sodium bentonite clay and/or silica gel which can be harmful to a cat's health. Wheat and corn based kitty litters can breed aflotoxin under warm, moist conditions, such as those produced during routine use. However, those with sturdy plumbing could choose a flushable natural cat litter to aid their ability to keep the litter box in tip-top condition and minimize this risk. The best cat litters in 2022 on this list were chosen based on their risk of illness by ingestion, price, and availability.
    October 23, 2013
  • Cat food manufacturers are constantly inventing new recipes - wet and dry, holistic, natural, grain-free, and organic - nearly all of which claim to be specially formulated to meet your feline's dietary needs.  While any type of ingredients can be combined to produce a product with the appropriate protein level, they are not all the same.  Many veterinarians now recommend canned foods over dry due to their high moisture content which helps compensate for the feline's low thirst drive.  It will be up to you to decide which level of quality you expect from the ingredients.Natural cat foods are made with ingredients produced by nature (not in a laboratory) and subjected to minimal processing.  These recipes, although indeed natural, may contain meat by-products, grains, soy, or other fillers. Grain-free cat foods do not necessarily contain high quality meats and may contain other starchy fillers like potatoes or vegetables.  They are merely grain-free. Holistic recipes believe the inclusion of fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient dense ingredients are the best way to nourish an animal from the inside out.  Some recipes include grains and protein quality may vary as there is no requirement to use natural or organic meats in holistic recipes.Organic cat foods are made from ingredients grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, added growth hormones, antibiotics, by-products, or bio-engineering.  They can be made from any combination of ingredients (including grains), as long as they are organic. Whether you decide that price, protein quality, or the mix of ingredients is the most important factor when choosing a cat food, these lists will guide you to the best cat foods in 2022, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of each recipe.
    October 10, 2013
  • Stink happens. And whether it’s pee, poop, puke Your best chance for eliminating pet odors is to remove as much of the source of the stink as soon as possible and then use a product specially designed to remove odors. Effectiveness is key here. After all, if the product doesn't work, cost and ease of use don't really matter. For our choices here, we also looked at ease of use of the products and whether the product uses pet-friendly ingredients to decrease potential health hazards to your pets. Almost all deodorizing products will leave a scent and your choice may ultimately depend on what scents you like - or dislike. Here's a look at the best products for getting pet odors out of carpets, upholstery, clothing -- and our pets. We've compiled the list of the best pet odor removers in 2022.
    August 26, 2013
  • When choosing a hamster cage, you have to understand what you are looking for. Space is a primary consideration; as with any living creature, it's important to provide enough room so your hamster doesn't feel confined. Hamsters need ventilation and free air flow but need to be away from drafts also. Hamsters are known as escape artists, so you need to make sure that he is not able to get his head through the bars or he is liable to take an unwanted journey. They also need exercise or they will lay around, sleep, and get overweight in short order. So they need a wheel or other ways for them to climb and roam around to get exercise. You as an owner will appreciate it if the cage is easy to clean. A bottom tray that is deep will help keep the litter in the cage and not everywhere else. Check out our best hamster cages in 2022.
    May 13, 2013