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Sleep & Rest

  • An old, unsupportive pillow could be the source of bad sleep, annoying neck pain, and improper alignment. If you notice pain due to an uncomfortable pillow, this is the ideal time to switch to a memory foam pillow. Memory foam pillows provide excellent support to the neck and allow you to sleep comfortably at night. You can even experience relieved back pain after using a memory foam pillow since it can help you maintain proper spinal alignment throughout the night. To help you improve your sleep, we have reviewed many memory foam pillows and have made a list of the best memory foam pillows that stand out in 2022.If you have questions related to memory foam pillows, take a look at the bottom buyer’s guide section. We are here to make your purchase seamless so you can achieve a perfect night's sleep.
    September 30, 2021
  • Sleep quality plays a major role in your life. Healthy sleep leads to fewer health problems and can improve your concentration during the day. A wedge pillow for sleeping can help to improve your sleep comfort and will generally be able to support any sleeping position. There are a few different Wedge Pillows available, with some providing a specialized structure.Not sure which wedge pillow will help you sleep better? Consider giving the ones we share in this list a try.
    July 20, 2021
  • If you’re someone (like me) who really cares about building a homely and luxurious bed, then you’ve definitely got to know the essential parts of bedding. This guide gives you a brief overview of all the elements that go into making your dream bed; down to the tiniest, often overlooked details.
    July 15, 2021
  • Poor sleep can greatly affect your health, brain function, mood, and hormones. In fact, this can result in weight gain and an increased risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes. For good health, quality sleep is just as important as diet and exercise. Here are our top ten tips on how to sleep through the night for better well-being and quality of life.
    July 02, 2021
  • Pillows have been around for thousands of years. Originally, they were made from rock with the purpose of keeping insects out of our noses, mouths, and ears. Over time, pillows became much more comfortable. Nowadays, it is well known that a good pillow supports the spine and improves posture during sleep. In fact, many studies show that sleeping without a pillow may damage the spine.The fact that there is evidence that some kind of pillow has been around since 7000BC may not surprise you. However, you may be surprised to learn the pillowcase was first patented as recently as 1921. Using a pillowcase will prevent any wear and tear on the pillow itself. They are also considered more hygienic because they can be easily cleaned. Putting a pillow in a washing machine will make it lose its shape, and a lumpy pillow does not make for a comfortable sleeping aid.Without a pillowcase, we would need to buy a new pillow very frequently. Today, there are so many varieties of pillowcases to choose from that it can be difficult to know which one to buy. To help you find your perfect pillowcase we have created a list of the best pillowcases in 2022, along with a handy buyer's guide to help you narrow down your own picks.
    June 15, 2021
  • One of the easiest ways to instantly upgrade your living or family room is to swap out your throw pillows. They can add a burst of color, a pop of pattern, and plush comfort in a second. Plus, they can be switched out easily if you want to change your decor (or if you just change your mind). That's why we will be sharing with you the best decorative pillows in 2022, along with a detailed buying guide to help you determine which throw pillow will be the most suitable for your home. Let's begin!
    June 15, 2021
  • We all look forward to going to bed after a long day, don't we? If you have been jumping right into bed after a long day, you may have been doing things the wrong way. Nevertheless, don't be distraught; we'll share 5 tips that should be adopted as routines, using products to help prep you before bed.
    April 27, 2021
  • For travel, setting up a temporary bed for guests, or even camping, only the best air mattress with built-in pump options will do. The built-in pump means there’s no need to carry or pack one, and often, the power cord conveniently tucks away inside a compartment. Moreover, the best air mattresses in 2022 on our list are designed to be puncture-proof and extra-durable, while providing a comfortable resting surface. If you're still unsure, our air mattress buyer's guide should help you make a purchasing decision.
    March 09, 2021
  • Sometimes, even after the most careful browsing, we can end up with a mattress that doesn’t feel as comfortable as it should. A bed topper can improve your sleeping experience tenfold by offering the extra cushion and support you need. However, finding the right mattress pad can be just as challenging as finding an actual mattress. We've carefully tested and selected four of the best bed toppers in 2022 available to make your search easier.
    February 18, 2021
  • Like most people, we're always on the prowl for the best bedsheets – ones that are soft, don't pill or get fuzzy, wash well without shrinking, and have a nice luxurious weight. Here, we've assembled some of the best bedsheets we've seen out there. When looking for the best bedsheets, look for a relatively high thread-count – at least 300 or higher. This means that the cotton fibers will more closely spaced, making for a softer and more luxurious sheet. However, just because the thread-count is high doesn't mean that the cotton fibers are the best quality. The best premium cottons are Supima, Pima and Egyptian cottons, all names for extra-long staple cotton, which has a longer, finer, and stronger fiber than normal cotton. You may also want to look for cotton sateen, cotton which has been treated and woven to create a satin-like smooth look. Be sure to check the depth of your mattress before buying, to ensure that your new sheets will fit your bed. Check out our list for the best bed sheets in 2022 to learn more.
    February 03, 2016