Lopez Obrador expects to speak soon with Trump about migration issue


Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Wednesday that he expects to speak very soon with his US counterpart, Donald Trump , regarding the migration issue, adding that he has “good relations” with the US leader.

“It’s very probable that we’ll be talking in the next few days with President Donald Trump about this matter in particular, regarding the migration phenomenon,” said Lopez Obrador, who took office on Dec. 1, at his regular morning press conference.

When questioned about the thousands of Central American migrants who joined caravans and have been moving northwards through Mexico since mid-October en route to the US border, he said that his administration will deal with migration in a “comprehensive” way.


“And it’s very important to us to arrive at an investment agreement between business and the government to push productive activity and create jobs in Central America and in our country. This is the option that we have for dealing thoroughly with the migration problem,” said the leftist leader.

Lopez Obrador on Saturday signed a plan to push development in the countries of the Northern Triangle, which includes El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Regarding the US, he said that “there is communication” about the issue, which he called “ongoing and good.”

Lopez Obrador also spoke about plans to sell the presidential jet, currently being housed in a hangar in California while a buyer is sought.

He said that the aircraft costs 500 million pesos (about $24 million) per year, not counting the cost of official helicopters.

When asked whether the US might be interested in buying the plane, Lopez Obrador responded: “I’d like it if a government would buy it, but there have been no responses. There were offers to rent it and they even wanted to rent the presidential hangar, but the plans are to sell the entire (presidential) fleet.”