The year in data and graphics

In a year where the news seemed to never end, The Times’ Data and Graphics Department was always busy.

Our team tracked the spread of the coronavirus, covered every angle of our local elections, explored the deeper issues raised by a summer of protests, Kobe Bryant’s tragic helicopter crash and numerous other issues.

Here are 100 visual stories, data applications and digital designs selected from our work.


Tracking the coronavirus in California
March 13

As Los Angeles confronts coronavirus, a slower city is visible from above
March 20

Empty freeways, canceled flights: How life in California has changed since the coronavirus outbreak
March 26

A guide to the internet
April 2

To aid coronavirus fight, The Times releases database of California cases
April 6

How coronaviruses replicate inside you
April 9

L.A.'s most crowded neighborhoods fear outbreaks: ‘If one of us gets it, we are all going to get it’
April 22

Younger blacks and Latinos are dying of COVID-19 at higher rates in California
April 25

Is your California beach closed? We're keeping track
April 30

Track L.A.'s effort to house thousands of homeless people during coronavirus
May 3

The pandemic's toll: Lives lost to COVID-19
May 5

Senior care homes source of nearly half of all California coronavirus-related deaths, data show
May 8

In the coronavirus crisis, Newsom uses social media to raise awareness of the pandemic — and his profile
May 10

Tracking California’s coronavirus closures and reopenings
May 12

Coronavirus ravages poorer L.A. communities while slowing in wealthier ones, data show
May 28

Tracking how the coronavirus crushed California’s workforce
June 22

California’s slide from coronavirus success to danger zone began Memorial Day
June 29

Southeast L.A. already faced many ills. Now it’s the epicenter of coronavirus
Aug. 6

How a rushed L.A. reopening sparked more COVID-19 cases
Aug. 13

California COVID-19 masks: Who is following the rules?
Aug. 19

Tracking the coronavirus in California state prisons
Sept. 3

Hundreds more have died at home in L.A. Experts say COVID-19 is the culprit
Sept. 4

The Times is teaming up with other California newsrooms to track COVID-19
Sept. 10

Protests, policing and the Homicide Report

Mother. Officer. Boxer. LAPD’s ‘Sugar Dre’ brings grit to the ring and the streets
March 6

Tell us why you're marching on LA's streets
May 30

Arrests during George Floyd protests swell to near 3,000 in L.A. County; many are locals
June 2

Why we are protesting
June 4

L.A. police killings: Tracking homicides in Los Angeles County since 2000
June 9

Was LAPD force appropriate in George Floyd protests?
June 11

Black police officers see fight for racial justice through personal lens
Aug. 2

Defund the LAPD? At this pace, it would take 20 years to hit Black Lives Matter’s goal
Aug. 11

‘A forgotten city’: An L.A. community beset by police violence and crime hopes for change
Sept. 5

Deputies killed Dijon Kizzee after a bike stop. We found 15 similar law enforcement shootings, many fatal
Oct. 16

Killings in L.A. spike dramatically, leaving families shattered, communities reeling
Nov. 23

L.A. police killings: Tracking D.A. decisions since 2004
Dec. 9

L.A. County’s deadliest week reveals pain, inequity and injustice
Dec. 29

The November election

Jackie Lacey could lose L.A.’s district attorney race. These maps show where she’s vulnerable
July 15

California favors Biden, but Trump still raised $61 million. Who are the donors?
Sept. 24

Why Trump and Biden's Spanish ads matter
Sept. 29

L.A. County district attorney race: Who are the top donors?
Oct. 1

How to vote in California
Oct. 6

Where to vote in Southern California
Oct. 6

What 2020’s Prop. 15 means for 1978’s Prop. 13
Oct. 21

The USC Daybreak presidential poll
Oct. 21

Should California allow affirmative action? Here’s why some say the UC isn’t diverse enough
Oct. 23

Billions have been spent on California’s ballot measure battles. But this year is unlike any other
Nov. 2

2020 presidential election: Live results
Nov. 3

2020 election: How women of color impact Congress diversity
Nov. 3

Biden or Trump: Who won your neighborhood?
Nov. 5

How George Gascón unseated L.A. County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey
Nov. 6

Where Nithya Raman won
Nov. 11

How this year’s ballot measures show California’s growing political divide
Nov. 13

The presidential primaries

The Iowa caucuses rarely pick the president. Here’s why they still matter
Jan. 30

What you need to know before voting in California’s primary election
Feb. 3

Mapping Iowa’s Democratic caucus results, precinct by precinct
Feb. 4

How Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders split Iowa voters
Feb. 6

2020 Iowa caucus results
Feb. 9

Now you can vote anywhere in L.A. County. Find a location
Feb. 11

2020 New Hampshire primary results
Feb. 12

How Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire and why the race isn't over yet
Feb. 12

2020 Nevada caucus results
Feb. 23

Yes, you can vote in the California presidential primary if you’re homeless
Feb. 28

2020 South Carolina primary results
Feb. 29

2020 Super Tuesday primary results
March 3

How winning California keeps Bernie Sanders competitive
March 4

California’s Democratic primary: How did your neighborhood vote?
March 6

March 10 Democratic primary live results
March 10

Who's winning the 2020 Democratic primary?
March 10

The rest

Blankets, canned tuna and faith in God — how fleeing Venezuelans survive
Jan. 16

Rise of the Dancefluencer
Jan. 16

The last flight of Kobe Bryant
Jan. 27

The final moments of Kobe Bryant’s fatal flight, turn by turn
Jan. 28

What happened to L.A.'s $1 billion for homeless housing?
Jan. 29

Compare 'BoJack Horseman' on Netflix to the real LA: Our guide
Jan. 30

The toxic legacy of old oil wells: California’s multibillion-dollar problem
Feb. 6

So many languages, so few books: Libraries struggle to reflect places they serve
Feb. 17

How many mass shootings might have been prevented by stronger gun laws?
Feb. 26

Why smart runners will be thinking about elevation at the L.A. Marathon
March 6

Deserted oil wells haunt Los Angeles with toxic fumes and enormous cleanup costs
March 6

History of women in sports
March 8

Among the ‘climate monsters’ that afflict California, Megadrought is the most reliable
April 16

Scroll for Prom
June 18

Your sports craving guide
June 18

Can you win prom?
June 23

Pro sports teams are starting to get rid of racist names. Hundreds of U.S. high schools still have them
July 17

Chicano Moratorium at 50: Participants reflect on the movement
Aug. 23

Reading Ruben Salazar
Aug. 23

The Chicana Revolt
Aug. 24

A Day of Rage in East L.A.
Aug. 24

The worse fire season ever. Again.
Sept. 15

How smoke from California wildfires turns the sky red
Sept. 15

How the waters off Catalina became a DDT dumping ground
Oct. 25

Only 10 cities have won multiple titles in a year. Los Angeles is now tied for the most
Oct. 27

The literary life of Octavia E. Butler
Nov. 18

What are foehn winds? Fires in the Eastern Sierra were fueled by Santa Ana-like gusting
Nov. 25

101 Best L.A. Restaurants of 2020
Dec. 7

End-of-life care has boomed in California. So has fraud targeting older Americans
Dec. 9

Where can I volunteer during the holidays?
Dec. 10

Toxic chemicals on planes add to COVID-19 travel woes
Dec. 17

2020 in photos and videos
Dec. 23