The Comey firing has people concerned. Here’s where U.S. senators stand

The party lines remain pretty stark. Democrats are mad and questioning the timing. Republicans say new leadership was needed and point out it was President Trump’s call to make.

FBI Director James Comey was four years into a 10-year term — and leading the inquiry into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election — when Trump fired him. Here’s what senators are saying about Comey’s ouster.

Nothing to see here: 23 Republicans

Willing to let the investigation play out: 12 Republicans, 1 Democrat

Noncommittal: 11 Republicans

Expressed concerns: 4 Republicans, 1 Democrat

Calls for a special prosecutor or investigation: 1 Republican, 2 independents, 44 Democrats

No public statement: 1 Republican

Credits: ProPublica’s Congress API; Images from @unitedstatesproject