Eclectic is in at this show

A group of musicians and life-long friends from Laguna Beach are coming together to support the arts, and fellow artists, in a special debut "Dirty Circus" performance at the Dirty Bird on Monday.

Hosted by local singer-songwriter Brian Roark, the show will feature an eclectic line-up of musical talent including Chili Davis, Rachel Heussenstamm, Ryan Rickman and Andrew Russell, who will be joined by Roark for a variety of hip-hop, dance, folk, bluesy and rock performances.

"There is so much amazing talent in this town," Roark said. "This show is all about creating a platform where they can be heard, supporting each other and keeping a strong, artistic vibe throughout the community."

The Circus will kick off at 10:30 p.m. with a set of originals by Davis. What you'll get depends on what kind of mood this eccentric trio — comprised of Rooz "Squirrel Sampson" Ehdaie, Tyler "Chili" Wolfe and Bret "Chili the Kid" Englander — is in at the time.

"We're like a 3 a.m. Jack in the Box order," Ehdaie said. "You usually get one of everything."

Whatever they're feeling, the mix of idiosyncratic hip-hop and dance songs that incorporate elements of rock, indie pop and "off" Broadway tunes is guaranteed to "bring you heaven" and get you and your partner jumping around on the dance floor.

Ladies, you're advised to wear your helmets.

An acoustic singer-songwriter and front man for the renowned Sublime tribute band, LBC, as well as his own band, Lighter Thieves, Rickman will mellow the vibe when he unleashes his latest Pearl Jam-meets-Richard Marx ballads about "love, traveling and human connection" in a performance with Roark and Russell.

Influenced by legends like Zeppelin, Creedence Clearwater and The Rolling Stones, Roark's own lyrics about life experience and "current times" carry that sweet classic rock sound, which he'll deliver with Rickman's guitar accompaniment.

Now that it's autumn time and the livin's easy, with Rickman on the microphone and Ras B., if all the people in the dance agree, they said you might just also get a taste of Sublime in the L.B.

Former homecoming queen Heussenstamm, who has since traded her tiara for a bass guitar, recently returned from gigging with various bands in Nashville, Tenn., to claim the stage with Roark, where the duo will perform a handful of cover songs including old-school classics from bands like Bad Company and the Chili Peppers.

In support of fellow artists outside of the music realm, Roark said an array of work by local artists including Dan Stafford and Case de Boer will also be on display at the show.

Chili Davis — who has also been known for its charitable deeds like providing chili casseroles to the needy through the Fannie Mae Foundation, and said its all about "giving back to the community" through any music profits — will be handing out free CDs and a Chili Davis T-shirt to one lucky person who brings their best dance moves.

"We're trying to inspire others to be free and express their creativity," Wolfe said. "With so much serious stuff going on in the world, we've got to remember to keep having fun and to spread the joy."

The Sandpiper "Dirty Bird" Lounge is located at 1183 S. Coast Hwy. For more information, call (949) 494-4694.

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