Photo Of The Week

Once a week one of the Pilot photographers gets to shoot culinary delights. We visit various eateries and restaurants in Orange County that are reviewed in the Daily Pilot's "The Gossiping Gourmet" column. It's a challenge to photograph the details of the various types of dishes we shoot. Sometimes the chef is looking right over your shoulder while you work. We try to make it clear what a piece of art some of these dishes are. The design of the dish dictates how the photo will be shot. Photographer Kent Treptow organized this "backflip" roll next to soft direct light to reveal the rich color and repeating patterns made by the chef's precision cuts. The candle perfectly balances with the light and color. If you've ever eaten the "backflip" roll at San Shi Go in Laguna Beach, you would know Kent's picture did it justice. Kompai!

—Don Leach

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