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It's hard shooting in the rain. Pouring rain is even worse. But I like finding people in the rain. Usually there is no cover where the best pictures are. Last year I had two umbrellas blow out, and I swore I would find a new way to shoot in the rain.

With the rainy season not even really upon us yet, my goal last Tuesday, when it was dumping all day, was to find a great weather photo from my driver's side window. Of course I was prepared to jump out if a situation really presented itself, but I was going to stick to my plan and shoot through the window. It was a small photo challenge.

I went to several spots where flooding occurs but had no luck with people. I drove up Harbor Boulevard, but was honked out of position several times, even with my hazards on. I decided to drive down to 19th Street and see how bad it was there. It was raining super hard and not many people were out. I made a left onto Pomona where the Smart & Final is, hoping for people exiting the market.

I noticed a mother and daughter headed for the intersection right away. They were walking hand-in-hand and the little girl had a red jacket to boot! I prayed the light would stay red for the time it would take to turn into the parking lot and roll the window down. I couldn't shoot through the now foggy window. Timing is everything in photography. I made a looping U-turn and parked, just as the light turned green.

When they crossed, the mom hoisted her girl up over the small creek running down the street. It was perfect, as if to say the downpour was just a temporary inconvenience. I got my shot without leaving the car.

I never thought shooting in the rain could be this easy.

—Don Leach

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