WERNER ESCHER, South Coast Plaza:Counsel Celebration of...

WERNER ESCHER, South Coast Plaza:

Counsel Celebration of the New Year

"South Coast Plazxa is an international destination, so we do not single out Chinese."

Our slogan is Where the wolrd comes to shop. We don't

March 15, 1967,

We were very blesse that we had the fact that we had the prescience and vision of owners who took shoppin g to another level.

This not only motivates the core market

An Australian, Canadian, Mexico

Store selection is a compellign reason

That obviosuly

The Asian Market is really but they

UK and Italy

We're 15 mins from the ocean it's the store selection outside of the core market.

We at SCP look at PS SB and LA as core market. Domestic or

The collection is the highest concerntration of brand in retail fashion . We're always growing. Diane Von.

Two or three eyars exit survey. Indian in a hurry. 18 months ago.

Retail returns and


It's busy enough

Well again that is difficult for us to ascertain.

No difference. Year of change. rabbit dragon.

When people travel they shop

It's almost a recreatinal

It's a streetscape no sightlines interruppted. 'Our windows effectively comepet with blue skies and sunsets.'

The welcome is incredible. They know the product They know that people. It's not sales associates here.

International destination. Highest concenrtation of designer fashion retail on WC

Valet Parking about 30 years ago. seemless.

Conciererge desks. Four Valet parking stations regular. An access suite. Sales asscoaites languiages 40 different languages our concierge desk.

They don't have a lot of time and they want to enjoyr themselves.

Help out yes it does because people can combine . Seal Beach to Dana Point. Sun weather mild temperatures beach theatre and shopping and find dining. There's a cross over. Major League baseball teams. Hockey teams.

Strictly for those

We work rhtorugh vsitot and destination mana,egement organization No they

The press packet

Word of Mouth You know what's incredible is word of mouth This place is incredible and they tell other popele and you can undertsand Word of mouth.


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