Commentary: Police association is not tied to 911 caller


The Costa Mesa Police Assn. (CMPA) demands a full investigation into any person determined to have followed and falsely reported that Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer was driving under the influence.

The CMPA had no knowledge or participation surrounding this incident.

The implications in the press and false accusations of wrongdoing by Mr. Righeimer against our members force us to respond publicly to clear the record as to our organization, its members and leaders.

Although there was a nexus between Lackie, Dammeier & McGill, the CMPA’s former negotiations law firm, and the private investigator who called the police on Mr. Righeimer, the CMPA knew nothing about it and does not have any relationship with the individual.


CMPA does not condone such activities.

We have always attempted to bargain professionally through dialogue, education and compromise. Our goal is to continue that course to find mutually agreeable budgetary solutions that benefit the taxpayers and maintain an effective police department despite all of the political distractions.

Regardless of our policy differences with the current City Council, the CMPA has 40 years of honesty and integrity to protect. We want the record clear that our members were not involved in any wrongful reporting against Mr. Righeimer.

The association did request to meet with Mr. Righeimer; however, he denied our request.

JASON CHAMNESS is president of the Costa Mesa Police Assn.