District to consider added recycling step


Costa Mesa Sanitary District on Thursday is expected to consider giving residents a little more work when it comes to emptying out the trash.

Under a proposed contract with CR&R Environmental Services, residents would have to separate their organics — food scraps and plant material, such as grass clippings and leaves — into a 64-gallon bin that complements one for trash and recyclables.

The district’s current setup provides residences with two 60-gallon containers that handle all types of waste, giving residents the relative luxury of not having to separate their trash.


The collected organic waste would go to an anaerobic waste facility in Perris, where it would be converted to renewable natural gas.

If approved, three public outreach workshops would be held to demonstrate which types of food can be collected.

The goal of the program is be in accordance with state legislation, approved in 2011, that instituted a statewide goal of reducing landfill waste.

Implementation of the program is expected to cost $487,416 a year.

A $4-million fund would absorb the costs of creating the program, but the district might have to raise rates to accommodate costs in about five years, the district said.

The board members meet at 5:30 p.m. at the sanitary district’s headquarters, 628 W. 19th St., Costa Mesa.