Kelly H. Boyd

Name: Kelly H. Boyd

Age: 66

Birth place: Santa Ana

How long have you lived in Laguna Beach? 66 years
Occupation: owner of Marine Room Tavern since 1987
Education: graduate of Laguna Beach High School, attended Orange Coast College, attended USC and at the time I reduced my course units, I was drafted and served in the Army in Vietnam. I furthered my education in the restaurant industry by working and managing local establishments.
Previously elected or appointed positions: 1978–82 Laguna Beach City Council member, mayor pro-tem 1982, and served on Parking, Traffic and Circulation Committee; 2000 served as board member of Laguna Beach/Emerald Bay Public Facilities Authority to establish a joint powers agreement for utility services; 2006 to present Laguna Beach council member, mayor Dec. 2, 2008 to Dec. 1, 2009, appointments include the Homeless Taskforce; Parking, Traffic and Circulation Committee; ex-officio board member Laguna Beach County Water District; and council representative to the Laguna Beach Mission Hospital.
Community organizations you belong to: I participate and support many community organizations, but maintain a neutral membership status because of my role as a city councilman.
What is the most critical issue now in Laguna Beach? I believe that the selection of our new city manager is the most critical issue now because of the present state of the economy. Our final choice will set the stage for the future of Laguna Beach and its citizens. I’m proud to say that I was one of the five council members who, in 1979, hired our present city manager. He has managed the city’s finances in the most prudent and responsible manner; while maintaining and increasing our police, fire and lifeguards; enlarging the city’s open space regions; having the fore-thought to anticipate a revenue shortfall due to the present economy and establish an additional reserve account called “recession smoothing.” It is critical that our new city manager be a person of strength, experienced in finance, understand our community, and work well with everyone.
How would you resolve that issue? Consider each candidate carefully, conduct multiple interview sessions to learn the most about each candidate and get a feel for the person in general, and finally, a unanimous decision outcome would be ideal.
What qualities would you like to see in a new city manager? A person who has a strong and lengthy background in the finance and budgeting of a city with a good understanding of the California Coastal Commission. One who is a good communicator, works well with others, and has an open-door policy.
The three incumbents have all signed each others’ nomination papers; why do you think the incumbents are all supporting each other? I’m very comfortable with the fact that they both have vast knowledge and experience in matters coming before the council; although we don’t always agree on a particular matter, we can compromise and move things along in a well thought-out manner, we’ve worked very well together on various committees, and they both have my best wishes for a successful campaign.
What qualities do you bring to the table? Trusted leadership, proven experience, with common sense, easily accessible to listen to community concerns, a deep knowledge of and family history in Laguna Beach with my family homesteading in Aliso Canyon in 1871, growing up in Laguna Beach, surfing and fishing our coastlines, graduating from Laguna Beach High, a longtime supporter of the arts and charities in Laguna Beach, and a sense of humor.

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