New vet wants to limit wait time

Editor's note: This corrects the size of the office.

A new animal hospital, complete with state-of-the-art medical equipment and digital technology, moved into Newport Beach this week.

The Newport Animal Hospital, in the Newport Coast Shopping Center on Newport Coast Drive, held an open house with owner and veterinarian John Giannone and his staff Sunday.

Architect John Salat of Lake Forest designed the 1,500-square-foot office. Components include two exam rooms, a complete lab, digital dental X-rays, a digital full body scanner and space to hospitalize up to 18 animals.

"I think that [Giannone] put a great deal of thought and carful planning about how he wanted to be presented to community," said Rise Taylor, owner of Arf! Dogwalks. "He hired a lot of great staff, even though he just started, and I think it shows that he cares and is invested in community."

Taylor described the office building as "modern and beautiful" and a good match for the surrounding shopping center.

Giannone had the office designed based on his past 30 years of veterinary experience. Components, such as the complete lab and digital technology, are aimed at cutting down on a client's wait time for tests and images.

"My goal is to offer clients care in real-time," he said.

Blood tests can come back in as little a 15 minutes, which can make a huge difference for a client's peace of mind when it comes to the family pet.

"Years and years ago, pets were left outside," Giannone said. "Today, pets are seen as part of the family. They're coming into house and into the bedroom, if not on the bed, sleeping with the rest of the family."

A second veterinary hospital, the Newport Hills Animal Hospital, is about three miles away.

People are often hesitate to switch veterinarians because the relationship is often built over years. Trust and comfort are huge factors in choosing a vet, Taylor said.

"Picking a vet is very much like picking a doctor, but from everything I've seen so far, I've already recommended clients at least go introduce themselves and see if the doctor is the right match for them," she said.

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