Citation issued for woman protesting store

COSTA MESA — South Coast Plaza security gave an elderly woman a "citation" Wednesday after she protested outside Abercrombie & Fitch for reportedly selling push-up bikini tops to young girls, Costa Mesa police said.

Ethel Bolton, 75, sat quietly defiant in her wheelchair by the store's entrance inside the shopping center and held a sign that read "Abercrombie: Pedophiles sexualizing little girls thru clothing."

According to nationwide media reports, many parents are upset by the store's retailing of a padded bikini top for girls as young as 8. Originally marketed as a "push-up triangle" bikini, the name has been changed to "striped triangle," according to reports.

The product did not appear to be available on the store's website Wednesday, and company officials did not return a call seeking comment.

"I'm incensed by the clothing they're selling to little girls," Bolton said. "I feel like they will cause more rapes. I'm willing to go to jail for this."

Bolton's daughter, Ava Park, was also there supporting her mother. Park said as a little girl, she was sexually abused, so this was close to both their hearts.

"This is just wrong," Park said. "Let children be children."

South Coast security called police, who briefly showed up, then left. Mall security gave her a citation instructing her that protests have to be in an area within the center designated for them.

There is no fine associated with the citation, police said.

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