City says woman responsible for being hit by lifeguard truck

Huntington Beach's attorney said the city is not responsible for the injuries or losses sustained by a woman who claims she was hit by a lifeguard truck while lying on the beach last summer, according to court records.

In a response to a lawsuit filed by resident Miranda Sosa, who said she was hit by a lifeguard truck making a U-turn near Tower 19 in June, the city said she was at fault for not taking the necessary precautions while at the beach.

"Any and all events and happenings in connection with the allegations contained in plaintiff's complaint were proximately caused and contributed to by negligence and/or other legal fault of persons other than defendant," the city's response said.

The response doesn't say how the incident was Sosa's fault.

Sosa filed the lawsuit against Huntington Beach in March, saying the city failed to properly train and manage its employees. She named Greg Eisele as the city's employee who was driving the truck. She is seeking compensation of more than $25,000 for personal injuries, losses and expenses she sustained, including wages and medical bills, according to court records.

Sosa said her injures include loss of vision in her left eye, scratches and bruising on her face, headaches and pain in her neck and left arm.

In November, Sosa filed a claim against the city for more than $10,000, saying she was hit by the front left tire of a lifeguard truck about 3:50 p.m. June 13.

The city denied her claim, which led her to file the lawsuit.

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