Commentary: Westside Costa Mesa deserves a strong voice on the City Council

My name is Michelle Figueredo-Wilson. I am a businesswoman, wife and Costa Mesa homeowner on the Westside.

Born to a Mexican immigrant father and Angeleno mother, I am a first-generation American.

Working within the family business since the age of 15, it has been my mission to help others achieve the American dream and improve their quality of life.

I am running for Costa Mesa City Council, District 4, so that the Westside has a seat at the decision-making table. For far too long, the Westside has been a dumping ground for trash and crime.

Using my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, and my master’s degree in public policy-urban affairs from the University of La Verne, accompanied by a keen business sense, I will ensure the Westside is once again a safe and clean place to raise families.

There is even the perception that our district is a suitable place for dangerous social experiments, such as drug needle distribution programs and portable toilets for transients.

Many of our local businesses and community members have expressed that they no longer feel safe and wish to have the same quality of life as the rest of Costa Mesa.

We need a mature leader with life experience who understands our community and will put Costa Mesans first.

Together, we can responsibly bring safety and revitalization to our district without returning to the days of overspending and misaligned priorities.

This is where we call home. We want to protect the Westside so we have something to leave future generations

Westside Costa Mesa resident MICHELLE FIGUEREDO-WILSON is running for City Council in the 4th District.