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Letters to the Editor: Gov. Gavin Newsom’s lawsuit against Surf City is just, according to this H.B. resident

Gavin Newsom
Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks at a breakfast in Sacramento last month. Newsom’s administration is using a new law in an attempt to force Huntington Beach to meet housing goals. The administration on Jan. 25 sued Surf City under the law that took effect Jan. 1.
(Photo by Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Huntington Beach aspires to be known as a Southern California tourist magnet. Nevertheless, it resists providing affordable housing for those who work as wage slaves in service industries, such as hotel housekeepers, kitchen workers and gardeners.

Good for Gov. Gavin Newsom for attempting to bring justice to the many employees who labor to enrich the city and its corporate beneficiaries without being able to afford housing in the community.

Ben Miles

Huntington Beach


Koll project violates spirit of General Plan

The letters by Lisa Fogarty (“Koll Center promises public benefit,” Jan. 28) and Ken Dufour (“Koll Center development will help ease region’s housing crunch,” Jan. 28) endorsing the development of the massive high-rise Koll Residences condo project misstate that this project represents the will of the people and should thus be built without delay. They are both absolutely wrong. The 2006 General Plan was approved after voters were asked if they would approve a plan that reduced traffic and density.

In reality, voters were approving a plan with massive new entitlements hidden in its depths. What was previously approved for the Koll site were mid-rise buildings required to blend in with existing buildings. The developer has no defined right to build three, 15-story condo towers. Residents have had enough of special interest developers who seek to line their pockets and leave us to deal with ever more traffic and high rises towers. This project should be rejected by our city leaders.

Susan Skinner

Newport Beach


Super Bowl leads to Patriots’ fatigue

I’ve heard that the only constant variable in life is the concept of change, so when do we get to witness a different team showing up on Super Sunday?

Bill Spitalnick

Newport Beach


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