Mailbag: Mayor should have recused himself on Lido Village

Re. "Henn votes on Lido, despite financial ties," (Aug. 13): I applaud your article. Frankly, I think Newport Beach Mayor Mike Henn should either step down as a member of the City Council, refrain from voting on matters dealing with Lido Village or step away as a consultant for Via Lido Drugs. This seems like a blatant conflict-of-interest case.

It makes the city attorney for Newport Beach, who supposedly approved the financial connection to the client, look even worse. Even if Henn fails to vote, he will still wield power with the other council members. Incidentally, what are they thinking by being aware of this conflict and, through their silence on the issue, condoning it? Thanks again for bringing this situation to the attention of the public.

Chuck Hardy

Corona del Mar


Too many close ties with official

Really. There is a business relationship between Mayor Mike Henn and the Via Lido Drugs. There is a business relationship between Henn and the move of the Pavilions (part of Vons). There was a business relationship between Lido Pharmacy and the rehab homes. There is a business relationship between Henn and the Duda Co., which owns the land the Lido Pharmacy sits on.

Well, the mayor apparently had a lawyer look into what appears to be several conflicts of interest, but the attorney advised there was nothing inappropriate going on. Good to know!

Juli Hayden

Newport Beach


Don't publish employee names

I am appalled that the city of Costa Mesa published the names of city employees in its 2010 public employee compensation report. Publishing the salaries for the various job titles is fine, but including the employee names is not transparency; it is mean-spirited, unethical and completely unnecessary. Those responsible for the report should be ashamed of themselves.

Ronald Madaras

Newport Beach

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