Mailbag: Obama reporting was 'entirely accurate'

Re "Mailbag: Photos were too flattering for president," Feb. 21:

All the comments about your reporting of President Obama's visit to Corona del Mar were in heated agreement that your photos "were too flattering."

According to one writer, "A huge pro-Obama photo on the front page, above the fold, and a minuscule photo on Page 7 for the opposition."

They gave you too much credit!

A careful examination shows they were both taken at the same corner, with the same crowd. The signs in the upper-right corner of the large photo appear on the right side of the small photo.

Moreover, a survey of the "minuscule photo … for the opposition" shows eight signs for Obama, three against and two undetermined. This is, in fact, roughly the proportion of sentiment that my wife and I observed on two street corners. The Daily Pilot's reporting was entirely accurate.

Leon B. Roth

Corona del Mar


Our 'free' press is getting scary

What is happening to our "free" press is the most frightening thing I have seen in my lifetime.

Joyce Snyder

Newport resident


Catholics should examine stance on war

Re "Commentary: Obama wages war against Catholic Church," Feb. 19:

Dr. R. Claire Friend seems to have a good handle on the church's history, but must not have paid attention to our U.S. history. She considers our country as being on the right side of the angels?

I consider myself a flag-waving patriot, but really? Manifest Destiny, slavery, cross burnings and lynchings? Our fellow Americans didn't even like us Catholics for a century or more, and the jury is still out in some of our Southern states. For the leaders of my faith, I would hope that as champions of life they would reconsider their stance on just wars, which would be much more to the point, in my humble opinion.

Carol Evans

Costa Mesa


Welcome back, June Casagrande

Re "A Word, Please: Writing skills more important than ever," Feb. 17:

Thanks for bringing June Casagrande back. The front-page placement is heartening, and I hope she stays there. We always loved her and were not happy when she left. I discovered her website and we have been getting our June fixes there. Now we can get the latest June every week in the Daily Pilot.

Phil and Kay Salisbury

Newport Beach

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