Mailbag: JFK parade entry, article was in poor taste

In near disbelief I looked at the photo above Imran Vittachi's article from March 9, "A provocative homage to JFK," about artist Jorg Dubin's Patriots Day Parade entry.

This photo and article are as far from "homage" as one could travel. This entry represents, in my mind, total disrespect. A tragedy, recognized worldwide, would not lend itself to a "campy and fun" parade spectacle by anyone with a shred of self respect.

If the intended reaction was shock, to stimulate conversation and notoriety, then congratulations: Your dark expression has taken full flower in the local paper. If you wanted to display a tableau devoid of sensitivity and feeling for the millions who yet grieve, then you have been doubly successful.

If you took a poll among those that saw the entry firsthand in the parade, or saw it in the Coastline Pilot, as I did, and read your commentary, I believe if people had the honesty to be open your "contribution" would receive the heartfelt comments it deserves and derision, at the very least, for what you consider art.

John McCaslin

Laguna Beach


Ban dogs from beach walking area

There is nothing more offensive than seeing a dog defecate at the beach walking area in downtown Laguna Beach and the upper walking area close to it.

Picking it up seems to prolong the profane situation. The beach walk is for people. The grassy areas near it are for people to sit on clean grass. Dogs are using it make it a health hazard. People go to the Laguna Beach walk for a beautiful view of the ocean, the cove and the sky.

Quite frankly, these animals being there ruin it for humans. Let them walk their dogs out at larger parks. Please ban dogs from the beach walk and grasslands near it.

Amy Walker

Laguna Beach


Where's the signage at Camel Point Drive?

It's amazing how Ann Christoph orchestrates a 90-minute presentation to save an old house but cares nothing about Camel Point Drive residents discouraging people from walking on their street, which is a legal, public accessway to the beach.

The city of Laguna, county of Orange and state of California refuse to install signs indicating it is a public walkway.

Roger Carter

Laguna Beach

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