Mailbag: Apodaca column is right on target

Re. "Apodaca: Flipping traditional classrooms on their ear," (Sept. 16):

I am passionate about education and our youth. After continuing to pour billions into education, the U.S. and California continue to fall further behind. Patrice is on the target. The Khan Academy is a unique solution, and now Stanford University has joined the crusade. Any student could benefit from experiencing Khan. Last year Stanford offered a computer science class online and 100,000 plus students showed up. Now Stanford just offered 16 online classes.

Jack Perry

Newport Beach


Paddle board users need guidance

Re. "Paddleboarding safety discussed," (Sept. 13): I am writing in response to your Daily Pilot article that discussed the idea of creating stand-up paddle (SUP) board lanes in Newport Harbor. I am a long time Duffy Boat owner and have enjoyed many relaxing hours cruising our harbor. I enjoy seeing people of all ages participating in this relatively new sport.

Over the last year or so we have seen what began as just a few SUP folks on the water rapidly grow to dozens. Many times we will encounter large groups moving through the harbor. Last weekend we turned into the Rhine Canal and ahead of us were a group of 15 or so spread out from one side of the canal to the other, all going in the same direction. As I approached from the rear, I had to give a quick honk, which caused some to look and spread out so that we could pass between them.

I don't think SUP lanes are necessary, but the folks who rent the SUP boards should advise their customers that the rules of the road apply; whatever direction you're going in, just stay over to the far right, and if in a group, try to stay single file. We also have the Orange County Sheriff Harbor Patrol that should be advising SUP users when they happen to see them stray out into the boating lanes.

This is a very popular and rapidly growing sport, and without some type of on water guidelines, the situation will certainly grow worse. Our harbor is a great asset and is large enough for all to share but we need to establish and enforce some rules on the use of SUPs.

Howard Rich

Newport Beach


Have faith in custodial parents

I read with interest your Sept. 8 account, "Documentary explores grandparent visitation rights," (Sept. 9) of the release of Susan Hoffman's documentary, "A Precious Bond." I was glad to see Ms. Hoffman recommend less-adversarial approaches to resolving grandparent visitation disputes. I wish that she and her allies in various states would take that position somewhat further, and cease to push for expanded standing for grandparents, great-grandparents and other non-parents to take custodial families to court.

This litigation tends to be tragically counterproductive, harming the very children whose best interests are supposed to be central to the dispute. This is true regardless of the underlying cause of the dispute, but it is rare for custodial parents to limit or deny grandparent involvement without believing that the welfare or even safety of their children requires that step.

Karen A. Wyle


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