Mailbag: City should offer a reward leading to trail creator

According to a recent Daily Pilot article, "Feds order removal of granite paths at Fairview," Nov. 27, Costa Mesa is required to remove the decomposed granite path from Fairview Park, as directed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The removal is going to be expensive. The person, or persons, who made the path are not known, and an environmental group is offering $500 for the identity of the culprit, or culprits.

I would urge the City Council to also post a $500 prize leading to the identification of the people who made the path. A $1,000 prize may be an incentive for someone to provide the necessary information.

Identifying the people who made the path and making them responsible for the removal of the decomposed granite will save the city thousands of dollars.

Dan Goldmann

Costa Mesa


Farewell, Joe Bell

I was fortunate to have exchanged correspondence with Mr. Bell ["Former Daily Pilot columnist Joe Bell dies at 92," Nov. 29]. What a gracious and impressive man. We miss you, Joe.

Lance Jencks

Costa Mesa


Run city with residents in mind

On Saturday morning, when reading the Daily Pilot, I became quite concerned about Mayor Jim Righeimer's comments in the article about Costa Mesa and the union contract negotiations ["City, union inch toward a contract," Nov. 27].

I definitely agree that some changes and compromises need to be made for the city and those of us who live here.

My major concern is with Righeimer's comment: "We want the CEO and City Council to run the city, not have a contract run the city." As a longtime resident and involved community member, I was under the impression that the CEO and elected City Council members were supposed to represent the residents.

With some of the current members of the City Council, I do not feel that this has been happening. Righeimer's comments just further show that perhaps some of our leaders are more interested in putting themselves and their careers ahead of the people of this great city.

I wonder if they would feel the same if they were not in the majority on the City Council. So let's get all concerned parties on the right track for the residents and the city.

Barbara Maberry

Costa Mesa

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