Mailbag: Fireworks the source of much consternation

It was no surprise to hear that the Costa Mesa City Council spent $18,000 of our hard-earned money on a fireworks show for the 60th anniversary party ("60th party cost nearly $400,000," documents show," Dec. 23).

When I called the police to find out what the heck was going on, I was told more than 200 residents had also called asking the same thing. Seems strange to spend that kind of money for fireworks that outdid Disneyland, here in Costa Mesa, just days before our big Fourth of July run.

Who do we like so much that we give them so much of our money? Maybe that money would be better spent putting up more signs warning of the dangers of fireworks and the illegal use during the year, with the fines listed.

One recent night, I heard illegal fireworks being shot off before 8 p.m., and then after 10:30 p.m., huge cherry bombs, mostly around the 2500 block of Orange, Monte Vista and Elden avenues, some favorite spots for pyrotechnics. Fireworks are mostly illegal now, but nobody seems to complain anymore because it is such a regular thing.

What school sport is this supporting? Or is it just keeping folks awake and their animals terrified? When will this town care about all the people who live here? What lesson are you teaching your young folks, who love the noise but couldn't care less about neighbors?

Helen Evers

Costa Mesa

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