Mailbag: Bag fee is another burden for consumers

Inadvertently, writer Linda Newton ("Stop fighting the plastic bag ban," Huntington Beach Independent, Jan. 9) makes one of the bag-ban opponents' many valid points.

Yes, the bags "were never really free" but rather part of the costs "passed on to the consumer." Indeed, they still are being passed on. We pay the same as before the ban, but we don't get the bag we still pay for. And on top of that, we have to buy whatever bags we need.

Great, more expense for hard-pressed consumers and we didn't even get to vote on this. Well, now we can get the issue on the ballot through a petition. For information on how, contact

At long last, the many dissatisfied Huntington Beach residents may be heard.

Therese Egrafed

Huntington Beach


Our use of plastic affects others

I'm one of those people who always reused plastic bags, but many people didn't and that caused a real environmental problem.

Fewer plastic bags blowing around in the wind and hanging from branches of trees, not to mention the ones that land in the ocean, is a good thing. Freedom isn't free. Everything we do affects other people and the environment.

Plenty of free reusable bags are available. One that I use came from the city of Huntington Beach and gets lots of compliments.

Patti Clasen

Huntington Beach


Let's focus on cleaning the park

Every few weeks we hear of volunteers being needed to help clean the beach, but why is no effort made to clean Huntington Beach Central Park?

It is an absolute jewel of a park with wide open space for families and activities, but it needs maintenance. I walk my dog there a few times each week on both sides of Goldenwest Street and see firsthand the poor condition of the park.

Homeless encampments come and go leaving behind unbelievable amounts of refuse, and picnics leave behind as much.

People who should know better persist in feeding birds and squirrels food that is unfit for consumption, and the waste at times covers the sidewalks. One day this week I saw two shopping carts upended in a creek.

This situation can be made better if people would just remember to pack up what they take in, and once in awhile pick up a discarded wrapper or can and throw it in the trash. The park will be cleaner and healthier for everyone to use.

Mark Mello

Huntington Beach


Representatives should help, not hinder

Why can't Congress extend long-term unemployment benefits?

Fiscal conservatives like my House Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) had been refusing to even bring the bill up for a floor vote unless it is "paid for" by other cuts to other social programs.

They have taken this anti-democratic position while pumping up the bloated military budget and protecting the taxpayer rip-off F35 program.

Posturing and pandering for mid-term elections does not help the constituents, who deserve better.

Richard Spix

Huntington Beach


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