Chandlur picks Chandler and wins

When Chandlur Sularz made her pick to guess Mr. Irrelevant she chose a player whose name was familiar to hers.

That helped her win $253 and a gift basket from the folks at Mr. Irrelevant, whom are also no strangers to the 13-year-old girl from Arizona.

Sularz was the only one in a Mr. Irrelevant contest to correctly guess quarterback Chandler Harnish before the Indianapolis Colts made him the 253rd and dead last pick of the NFL Draft.

Sularz is the daughter of Guy Sularz, a close friend of Ed Fitch, the husband of Irrelevant Week CEO Melanie Salata-Fitch, and the guy who usually stands next to Paul Salata with a big jersey before the old man announces the final pick.

Ed Fitch sent an email to his friend to enter the contest. Guy Sularz and his family made their guesses, but Chandlur came out as the winner.

"My dad gave me the list and I basically chose [Harnish] because he had my name," said Chandlur, who was visiting Newport Beach with her family this week and received her check.

She said she might go shopping with the winnings, or save it.

Salata-Fitch asked the girl to pick her favorite horse in the Belmont Stakes. Chandlur went with longshot Guyana Star Dweej because the first name reminded her of her father.

The Mr. Irrelevant contest is one of several events associated with the upcoming Irrelevant Week, which begins July 2.

Harnish and his family are expected to arrive in Newport Beach June 30. Mr. Irrelevant XXXVII plans to play a round of golf at Big Canyon Country Club on July 1. He'll visit Disneyland July 2 and be the featured guest at the annual Arrival Party at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort later in the day.

Harnish will be interviewed at the NFL Network studio July 3 and then he'll be roasted and toasted later in the evening at the All-Star Lowsman Banquet, where he'll receive the Lowsman trophy, the award that has the figurine dropping a ball.

Harnish plans to stay in town for the Fourth of July and be a part of a Newport Beach boat parade.

For more information about Irrelevant Week, including seating prices for the Lowsman Banquet, visit, or the Facebook page for Irrelevant Week or call (949) 263-0727.

— Steve Virgen

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