Hospital unveils Jesus sculpture

An unveiling of the first faith-based sculpture at Glendale Adventist Medical Center drew dozens of hospital officials and clergy members Wednesday afternoon.

Jesus Christ sits as the focus of the bronze sculpture titled “Come Unto Me.”

“He set the example of health ministry that we have dedicated ourselves to,” said Kevin Roberts, president of the hospital.

Designed by Victor Issa, a 57-year-old artist based in Loveland, Colo., the entire scene, with children, women and dogs, took him more than four years to craft.

Issa said he first sculpted the scene for Loma Linda University, and then used that mold to make a similar one for Glendale Adventist.

Warren Tetz, senior vice president of Glendale Adventist, said he wanted a faith-based sculpture at the center of the hospital's campus.

The aim was to provide a physical setting where the community, physicians and staff members could have a “spiritual experience,” he said.

“It really represents that those who are hurting can come to Jesus and get healed,” Tetz said. “We just feel that is our mission.”

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