On the Town: Cabrini Literary Guild has a lot going on, Americana Christmas tree, Three Stooges as the Alex

Many are familiar with the good works of the Cabrini Literary Guild, especially directed to Catholic charities. But what may be less known are the departments that allow a more personalized experience of philanthropy and socializing.

There’s the Book Reading Club, the Bridge Department, the Busy Fingers’ Department, the Mannequin Department and the Philosophy Department. On Nov. 20, only two days before Thanksgiving, six intrepid souls gathered in the Burbank apartment of Philosophy Department Coordinator Sister Regina Palamara. Cabrini members present were Guild President Mary Andrade, Wilhelmine Kanga, Maria B. Garcia, Rosa Ortiz, Helen Misik and Sally Bettar.

“I call this a ‘wing’ meeting,” Palamara said, “because we’re going to wing it today.” But there was more planning than the good sister admitted to. It was a spiritual film festival as two videos were screened. First up was “Rose & Katz,” an award-winning film short about a 13-year-old Jewish boy who turns to Jesus just before a double bar mitzvah with his grandfather.

After a short lunch of sandwiches, the second video, narrated by actress Brooke Shields, dealt with the life of the group’s namesake, Mother [Frances] Cabrini. The Catholic Sister came to the U.S. from Northern Italy in the mid-1800s. Cabrini’s mission was to help immigrants. To that end, she founded orphanages in America and later in Italy. In 1909, Cabrini became a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Palamara’s connection to the film was the brief appearance of her late twin sibling, Sister Loretta Palamara, who had worked in a hospice program in New York.

A fun end to the afternoon was shopping for the perfect wrap-around scarf from Sister Regina’s collection of her handmade scarves selling for $15. All proceeds will go to various Cabrini missions.


Just before the Americana’s Christmas tree-lighting ceremony on Nov. 18, a lot was going on that may not have met the eye. Merchants were using the night in which a turn-away crowd of hundreds of potential customers were in a generous mood for the holidays and the buying that goes with them.

But it was probably Americana developer-retail operator Rick Caruso who was the most generous. He treated big spenders to a private party for invitation-only Loyalty Rewards Program members. Held on the top level of Katsuya, the Japanese restaurant was the perfect place to see the tree lighting. Everything was free — sushi and the adult beverages that go with them. Favorite sushi selections were the crispy rice with spicy tuna, vegetable rolls with avocado, the chicken, mushroom and quail eggs on skewers, and vegetable tempura. Hamburger sliders were a bonus extra.

Enjoying their night out were Hancock Park residents Lindsay Rotblatt and David Kalina. Rotblatt was also quaffing a Katsuya special — unfiltered saki, vodka, lime and cucumber. Both are Caruso’s Grove shoppers and accrued their Loyalty points at that location. Studio City residents Michael Hernandez and David Villalobos also took good advantage of their free night on the town. They shop at the Grove and the Americana and are stacking up the points for rewards. All it takes is generous shopping.


“Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!” The “Three Stooges Big Screen Event” ran at the Alex Theatre for matinee and evening performances on Saturday. The lobby was abuzz at the earlier screening. For the first time a Stooges compendium was offered for sale. Author Jim Pauley signed his 12-years-in-the making “The Three Stooges Hollywood Film Locations” for the many Stooges fans who lined up in front of his table of towering copies selling for $39.95 a book.

The Alex Film Society presented the screenings starring Moe, Larry and Curly. Past presidents and current board members Frank Gladstone and Randy Carter estimated that some 1,500 fans would attend one of the two showings produced by Gladstone.

Cartoons are up next for the Film Society on Dec. 29. Don’t miss it. “Soitenly!”

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