On the Town: 100th Birthday for Arthur Chase Moore, Prayer Breakfast

The rafters were raised at the Verdugo Woodlands Dad’s Club’s Youth House for a century-old gentleman. Glendale resident Arthur Chase Moore was feted by some 200 of his closest friends and family in celebration of his 100th birthday (actually on the following day).

The location was chosen because Art was the oldest “Ancient Lovely” to participate in the Father’s Follies at the Club last year when he was a mere 99-year-old. At that time he received a standing ovation. But on this balmy, Saturday afternoon (Mar. 23), Art chose to leave his dancing shoes at home. Wife Ruth Moore was by his side as congratulations were offered all around. When asked how long he has been married to Ruth, Art answered “62, 63 years or thereabouts.” For those who keep better track than Art, for the record the couple has been married 61 years. They met at Ruth’s mother’s cousin’s funeral.

Long tables were decorated with balloons and balsa airplanes in recognition of Art’s employment as a civil servant with Lockheed during World War II. He worked on B52s and P38s. At every setting there were commemorative wine glasses for guests to take home.

Family members joining Ruth and Art were daughter Karin Jonke and sons Jerry Cleland, Bruce Moore and Pat Moore. Art’s great grandchildren (Karin’s grandchildren) present for picture taking were Hope Jonke, 4; Ethan Jonke, 3; and Elliott Jonke, 2.

Other family members included Art’s sister Virginia Moore. Virginia is the oldest surviving sister out of ten. Jerry Cleland’s son Kevin Cleland was present and helped supply names and dates on the family tree for this columnist. Bruce Moore’s 20-year-old daughter Shannon Moore filled in some details.

When asked his reaction to the festivities, the birthday boy hinted that he’s going to live some years longer, “The Lord don’t want me, and the Devil won’t have me.”


Organizers for the 50th Annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast pulled out all the stops to inspire, entertain and feed more than 500 community residents who were willing to arrive fully awake at 6:00 am at the Glendale Civic Auditorium on Thursday (Mar. 21). Even those who were still sleepy helped themselves to overflowing coffee urns to wake up before the program started.

Even Co-Chairwoman Doris Twedt and Lynda Burns, veteran organizers of the breakfast, were impressed with the turn out, many including the over fifty crowd who had fond memories of keynote speaker singer, actor Pat Boone.

Boone didn’t disappoint. Although reluctant to sing a few bars of any of his greatest hits, he described his storied career as an entertainer and more recently as an author of books with Christian-based themes. Boone also focused on his 57-year marriage to Shirley Boone, his four children, fifteen grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Kudos must also be given to one of Glendale’s finest, Police Chief Ron De Pompa and his smooth handling of Master of Ceremonies duties. He introduced Glendale Mayor Frank Quintero who assured the City was in good hands.

Breakfast guest Glendale resident Tim Lewis, said he had a connection with Boone because Lewis was born in Hackensack, New Jersey, also the birthplace of Boone’s daughter singer Debby Boone. Lewis’s guest was Father Edward Dover Pastor of Holy Redeemer and St. James the Less. Tablemates were Bishop Kent Lee from the Glendale 2nd Ward (like a diocese) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his wife Kathy Lee. Other guests were Jim Givens, Linda Sheffield and Glendale Community College student Adrineh Yaghoubi Masihi. All are Glendale residents.

The program closed with a benediction given by Father Jim Bevacqua.


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