Montrose Library's scavenger hunt sees if students measure up to the challenge

Children as young as 5 years old embarked on a scavenger hunt this week at the Montrose Library where they were given the task of measuring a dozen items — including themselves.

Children’s librarian Erin Straley said the library hosts a scavenger hunt every quarter and that this month’s activity helped to reinforce what children learn in school. They measured bookcases and a computer screen as well as recorded the diameter of a round table and the circumference of a globe, among other challenges.

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Eight-year-old Katrina Polikolsky discovered where the library’s set of world encyclopedias is kept when she measured one encyclopedia halfway through the hunt.

“This is to get them exploring,” Straley said, who added that as a result of the hunt, students check out books they wouldn’t typically come across.

For the regular bunch of students who are tutored at the library after school or complete their homework there, the scavenger hunt provides something new. Plus, it’s a fun activity for children who occasionally go to the library to check out a book for school.

In mid-April, the library will offer another scavenger hunt where kids will be challenged to find several characters from “Where’s Waldo?” hidden throughout the library.

The current scavenger hunt will continue through Thursday at the Montrose Library, 2465 Honolulu Ave. Children can participate any time from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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